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Inflatable Chimney Seal - Chimsoc


Stop Chimney Draughts


The Chimsoc is an inflatable, reusable plastic balloon, designed to stop chimney draughts, reduce outside noise and reduce heat loss in your room.

Stop Cold Chimney Draughts Coming Down Your Chimney
Put an end to draughty rooms by installing a Chimsoc. You'll instantly feel warmer, just by stopping the draughts from coming down your chimney stack.

Stop Warm Room Air Escaping Up Your Chimney
It works both ways. Cold air sinks and warm air rises. This means that your warm room air is escaping up your chimney stack, every minute of every day.

Reduce Outside Noise Coming Down Your Stack
If you live in a noisy area, with perhaps heavy traffic, you'll get a lot of noise coming down your chimney stack. A Chimsoc is instantly going to reduce the amount of noise entering your room.

chimsoc airmovement notinstalled 300How Your Chimney Works
Your chimney works on very simple principles, warm air rises, and cold air sinks. This is great when you have a fire burning, enabling the smoke to escape to the atmosphere.

It's not so great when you don't have a fire burning however. The same prinicipal is still working; your warm room air is escaping up the chimney stack, and cold outside air is coming down the chimney, causing draughts.

The Chimsoc is the simple yet effective answer to these problems. We've made it curved at one end as well, ensuring that you always have a little ventilation in your chimney stack.

The Chimsoc will also reduce noise entering your room down the chimney stack.


ChimsocChimsoc Features
Reusable. Inflate and deflate your Chimsoc as often as required.
Extremely tough, yet flexible plastic construction.
Unique heat sealed plastic inner sleeve ensures no leaks.
30 day refund/replacement guarantee.
Available in three rectangular and two square sizes.
Free - 1 Inflation hose included with every Chimsoc order.
Free - Solid plastic reminder disc included with every product.
Curved at one end to allow for a little ventilation.
Supplied as a boxed product.
EAN-13 barcodes on each box for retail environments.
Patent pending.

Three Sizes
The Chimsoc is available in three rectangular sizes to suit most chimneys. 

They are available in two square sizes by special order. The Chimsoc can be manufactured to almost any size required.