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Take charge of your power bill

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PowerDownGraphTake charge

of your

power bill

Make your Power Bills go

They will with a Home Energy Assessment

With rising electricity and gas prices, now is the time to protect your household from future price hikes. Find out how you can increase comfort, save energy, save water, save money and become more environmentally friendly with a Home Energy Assessment.

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Home Energy Audit (Level 3)


High energy bills - water bills?

Draughty home - lacking insulation?

The Home Energy Assessment - Level 3 involves a very thorough inspection of your home's energy performance.   

Includes our standard Level 2 assessment plus a full insulation audit, blower door test, and more.

Home Energy Audit (Level 1)

PouringMoneyInHouseDo you have high energy bills? Home gets too hot? Too cold?

Want to do something about it?

Then a Home Energy Assessment - Level 1 will help highlight where energy wastage is occurring in your home and we'll let you know what you can do about it.

Home Energy Audit (Level 2)

people-painting-a-house-greenHigh energy bills? High water bills? Home poorly insulated?  Draughty? Want solar? What to do with waste?    

Our Home Energy Assessment - Level 2 is our standard audit. This includes everything in Level 1 but the report will be more detailed and cover insulation, draughtsealing, water, solar, waste and the garden.

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