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Do you have draughty doors and windows?  

Have you put those cheap foam door seals on your doors before - or has a previous owner attempted it.  Is it now all tattered and torn - a real mess?  This is very typical of this type of door seal sold in hardware stores and they do not last long and do not seal draughts effectively.

Have you bought the rubberised doors seals and now find your doors won't close properly? This is another typical situation we have found in many homes.

Draughts (air leaks) around doors and windows cause both heat loss from inside a house and cold air to blow in from the outside.  Door and window weather stripping reduces these draughts, making houses easier to heat and more comfortable to live in.

eco-seal is a D.I.Y product that can be applied to window and door frames. Sealing doors and windows provides energy cost savings with short payback periods.

  •  For wooden and metal hinged doors and windows
  •  To seals gaps 1-8mm
  •  Is self adhesive and self adjusting
  •  Has a wipe clean surface
  •  Has a very low closing pressure
ecoseal draughtexcluder


eco-seal can be used for most standard doors and windows. Each roll will fit one standard door (2 sides and top) and is 5.17m in length.

Other than standard doors and windows, ecoseal has been used on other types of windows and doors. One example is double hung windows – these can be particularly draughty where the two window pane frames meet as well as at the top and bottom of the frame. If this type of window is not used, simply cutting a strip of eco-seal and placing in the gap without affixing to the window frame is sufficient. The seal has also been used on wooden sliding doors on the vertical sides. With non-standard situations, some trial and error may be required.

If you have used eco-seal for something other than standard doors/windows contact us and let us know how you have used it.

If you have purchased eco-seal you can find the fitting instructions here.

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