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Do you have an open fireplace?
If so it's like your leaving a window open all the time.
Want to keep the heat in?
Then you need a Chimney Sheep™!

chimney sheep fireplace draugh stopper graphic
  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Stop cold drafts
  • Sustainable
  • Insulates against sound
  • Prevent wildlife entering
  • Prevents debris falling in
  • Made from 100% Herdwick sheep wool that is compostable
  • Stop bad smells coming down the chimney

Do you know how much air an average room loses up the chimney? A lot.

As warm air is lost, cold air is pulled in to replace it. You won’t necessarily notice the warm air escaping up the chimney, but you’ll definitely feel the cold drafts being drawn in around doors, windows and lots of other sneak places! This is happening every minute of every day.

Put an end to draughty rooms by installing a Chimney Sheep. You'll instantly feel warmer.

How Your Chimney Works
Your chimney works on very simple principles: warm air rises and cold air sinks. Perfect for when you have a fire burning, enabling the smoke to escape to the atmosphere.

But not so great when you don't have a fire burning. The same principal is still working; your warm room air is escaping up the chimney stack, and cold outside air is coming down the chimney, causing draughts.


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