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Business Energy Audit (Level 1)

BusinessDoes your business have High Energy Bills?

Want to increase efficiency and save money?

Stop pouring money down the drain - learn how.

With rising electricity and gas prices, now is the time to protect your business from future price hikes. Find out how you can increase efficiency, save money and become more sustainable with a Business Energy Audit - Level 1.

This on-site consultation usually takes around 1 hour and involves an evaluation of your businesses energy usage. You will take us on a walk-around your business where we will identify areas of high energy use and give you straight forward advice and tips to help improve efficiency. Depending on your business, we can also touch on waste reduction, insulation, draughts, water and solar power.

Your report will list the top priorities that should be addressed and how to fix them and any general tips regarding other sustainable changes that could/should be made to your business.

Prior to the assessment, we request you send to us copies of your electricity and gas bills covering a full year - preferably consecutve bills covering all seasons. This allows us to profile your energy use before we arrive at your business and lets you get the most of your hour with us. If you would like water usage to appear on your report, then you can send these as well. Copies by email preferred or via post if necessary.

Cost:   From $395 (ex GST)*


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