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Home Energy Audit (Level 2)

High Energy Bills?  Is your home uncomfortable?

Has the Energy Thief struck?


 What's WRONG with this HOUSE?

Everything. A common suburban Melbourne home like this can be a high energy user. Highly likely there is insufficient insulation and it's very leaky.

Wiith rising electricity and gas prices, now is the time to protect your household from future price hikes. Find out how you can increase comfort, save energy, save water, save money and become more environmentally friendly with a Home Energy Audit - Level 2.

Home Energy Audit - Level 2

Our most popular Home Audit is more comprehensive and takes around 2 hours. Like the Level 1 assessment, we evaluate your home's energy usage (gas and electricity) and will also look at your water usage. You will take us on a walk-around your home inside and out, and we will also look at your ceiling or floor insulation if accessible. The Level 2 audit also looks at draughts, solar, recycling, and garen. We will give you straightforward advice and tips to help improve your home.

Your detailed report will list the top priorities that should be addressed and how to fix them and any general tips regarding other sustainable changes that could/should be made to your home.

Prior to the assessment, we request you send to us copies of your electricity, gas and water bills covering a full year - preferably consecutve bills covering all seasons. This allows us to profile your energy and water use before we arrive at your home and lets you get the most of your time with us. Copies by email preferred or via post if necessary.

You might be eligible for some FREE* energy saving devices. If so, we'll let you know, and if time permits may even be able to install them for you. Otherwise we'll arrange another time when our team of installers are in your area.


Cost:   From $395 (ex GST)*

* For homes up to 20 squares (185m2)
* For homes 20 - 30 squares (185-275m2) - $495 (incl GST)
* Homes > 30 squares please contact us
* Any time over 1 hour on site will be charged $60 plus GST per hour.
* Travel charges may apply.



* Victorian households are eligible to receive certain free energy saving products to improve home energy savings. Through the support of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, residential homes will benefit from some FREE or low cost energy saving products designed to reduce carbon emissions through home energy savings. These energy savings help fight the rising cost of their utility bills.



Home Energy Assessment (Level 2) with Draught Proofing Consultation

Our Home Energy Assessment Level 2 with the addition of our Draught Proofing Consultation Level 1. This consultation can take 3 to 4 hours and also involves a more detailed look at your insulation - particularly in your roof.

Some minor draughtproofing may be undertaken (not guaranteed) as part of the consultation.  

It is also possible to add a blower door test for our Comprehensive Home Consultation (4-5 hours). This can include some draught sealing as part of the consult as our assessor/s carry various draught sealing materials with them. Some materials will require additional payment and you will be advised of this on the day and prior to commencement of work. We will locate and mark areas where draughts occur and if some sealing has taken place will conduct another blower door test after completion. Another blower door test can be arranged at a different time if further draught sealing has been undertaken - the cost is for a re-test and basic report only.  (Please contact us for pricing).

And remember that paybacks are short for draught sealing. 

Combined Consultation:    From $500*
Blower Door (Air-Leakage) Test:   + $450

* Travel charges may apply.
* Large homes which require more than 4 hours on site will be charged an hourly rate of $60 plus GST.
* If including a blower door test, any time over 5 hours on site will be charged $60 plus GST per hour.