What is a Scorecard assessment

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard (the Scorecard) provides an energy star rating for your home. In the same way a TV, Fridge or Washing Machine has a star rating, a Scorecard rating shows how much energy is used throughout your home.

 The Scorecard provides a star rating for your home on a scale from one to ten. A high star rating means your home will use less energy (cost less to run) than one with a lower star rating.

Currently, the average Victorian home is three-star rated so there are opportunities to increase your home’s rating and spend less on your energy bills.


What this assessment covers

The assessment covers the key components of a home that contribute to a comfortable and energy efficient home. Items included are in the diagram below.

Scorecard homesmall


What this assessment does not cover

The Scorecard assessment does not include general household appliances such as refrigeration, cooking appliances, TV’s, computers, portable heaters, or any item that can be removed when moving to a new house. However, our assessors will make you aware of any inefficient appliances they observe.